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Summer Cocktail Coolers

summer cocktail

Keeping your cool with our favourite summer cocktails.

With the beautiful heatwave set to continue, we are keeping cool with summer cocktails. If you fancy trying our 3 favourite sunshine cocktails, follow the incredibly simple to make (and even easier to drink) recipes below.....


We always like to celebrate the start of Wimbledon with a Frozen Strawberry Margarita. The beautiful fruity hit of our Wild Strawberry Liqueur in this cocktail is fired up with citrus and tequila. It's also superbly refreshing thanks to handfuls of crushed ice.

*50ml Wild Strawberry Liqueur*

*25ml Tequila*

*25 ml Blood Orange Liqueur*

*Juice of a Lime*

*Juice of a Lemon*


Fill a glass with crushed ice and pour over all the ingredients


The Maiden's Prayer is basically sunshine in a glass. With a splash of orange juice, surely it's also a little virtuous?

*50ml Sloe Gin*

*50ml Blood Orange Liqueur*

*25 ml Orange Juice*


Shake all ingredients together and strain into a chilled martini glass


The Damson Breeze has been a favourite summer cocktail at Wiltshire Liqueur HQ for years now. As it works well made in huge jugs, pitchers or cocktail dispensers, this always sneaks a visit at sunny family barbeques.

Quantities for a jug

*50ml Damson Vodka*

*150ml grapefruit Juice*

*150ml Cranberry Juice*

*50ml Lemonade*


Pour all ingredients into a large jug topped up with ice and serve with a wedge of lime

For more cocktail ideas, take a look at our recipe page >>

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