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Sloe Salad Days

The sun is shining! That means it's barbecue time. 


We know spring has sprung and summer is on the horizon when our tastebuds move away from winter stews and head towards salads. With the sunshine a very welcome distraction at the moment, we have been raiding the freezer and having a barbeque whenever we can. It's also been a chance to revisit one of our summer recipe experiments from a few years ago.....


Summer Salad Flashback.....


The store cupboard has been serving us well for a couple of barbecue side dishes this week. When we opened the fridge and scratched our heads for how to use some broccoli, celery, carrots and our own Sloe Gin Apple Jelly that we found lurking, we managed to cobble a couple of delicious little side dishes.

 Waldorf Salad       Apple Coleslaw


Apple Jelly and Broccoli Waldorf Salad


A Waldorf salad is a fabulous side dish and we thought we'd put a Wiltshire Liqueur twist on a classic. We roughly chopped a head of broccoli and finely chopped a few celery stalks. In a separate bowl, we mixed together mayonnaise with our apple jelly and stirred it through the veggies. Finally, we topped it with some crumbled feta and roughly chopped walnuts, a grind and pinch of salt and pepper and voila!


Waldorf Salad



Apple Jelly Coleslaw


Another classic side salad is the old faithful coleslaw, a surefire way to pep up those barbecued sausages. With our version, the addition of our apple jelly introduced a lovely sweet twist. We finely chopped one spring onion and mixed it with grated carrot and cabbage. We then swirled our apple jelly into mayonnaise, with a good seasoning of salt and pepper before stirring it through the veggies.



Apple Jelly


We hope our culinary experiments inspire you to try your own versions of salads with a twist. Do let us know how you get on.



Our Sloe Gin Apple Jelly


Our Sloe Gin jelly is made in collaboration with a wonderful local producer of handmade chutneys and marmalade. It's full of flavour, with zero additives and a twist of Wiltshire Liqueur.

This super fruity Apple Jelly is now available online, alongside our Blood Orange marmalade and Damson Vodka chutney as part of our trio of preserves.


Apple Jelly

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