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Shattering Misconceptions


It maybe a myth that you can see the Great Wall of China from space but it is a fact that you can drink liqueurs all year round.

We have come up with some great cooking and cocktail recipes using all our liqueurs, be it Sloe Gin in the summer or strawberries in January.

Our deliciously dry sloe gin might be the perfect winter’s warmer on a cold and frosty day but it also makes a fantastically long and fizzy drink. We live in a little hamlet called Henley and our favourite summer’s cocktail is a Henley Fizz. A great combination of Sloe Gin, gin, lemon juice and soda water.

Recreate a summer’s day in a bowl on a drizzly old January day by pouring our intensely red Wild Strawberry Liqueur over a bowl of crushed meringues and whipped cream. Our Boozy Mess is a fun take on the classic Eton Mess.

Port might be the classic drink to enjoy with cheese but our truly fruity Damson Vodka is the perfect accompaniment to cheese. Serve something a little different at the end of your next dinner party.

Its no myth that our Blood Orange Liqueur is our best seller but there is legend surrounding the rose skinned and red flesh of the Italian blood oranges that we use. One story is that the fruit came from grafting a standard orange to the rootstock of a pomegranate.

Whatever the folklore, we know for a fact that they produce the best tasting liqueur whether drunk on its own or mixed with some chilled fizz.

See our cocktail and recipe pages for more great ways to enjoy our liqueurs.

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