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The Moonraker Christmas Liqueur Cocktail Collection

At Wiltshire Liqueurs, we love to experiment with our liqueurs. 

We love others to share in our experiments and have created a brand new collection of cocktail recipes for intrepid mixologists to try.

Alongside our love of liqueur experimentation, we have an unyielding passion for the wonderful history and countryside of the Wiltshire Countryside. With this in mind, we have created our Moonraker Cocktail Collection inspired by the many myths, legends and geographical features of the wonderous country of Wiltshire.

2021 will see our full Moonraker Cocktail Collection released to our eager liqueur loving fans. To coincide with the Limited Edition 2020 Christmas Liqueur, here is a sneak peek of things to come with our Moonraker Christmas Liqueur Cocktail collection. All made with our wonderful award-winning Christmas Liqueur.


The Moonraker Cocktail Collection

The people of Wiltshire are proud to be known as Moonrakers and the story behind this legend is something that resonates with us as its history lies in alcohol – where many a good story has its roots.


This 18th-century folk story tells of locals smuggling barrels of French brandy on a full moon night.  They accidentally dropped the barrels into a village pond and used hay rakes to try to fish them out.  A passing customs officer was passing and challenged what they were doing.  Deciding to play the fool they said they were trying to rake out the big round cheese they spotted in the water pointing to the reflection of the moon.  The real fool of the story was the exciseman who assumed they were village idiots and the smugglers got away without paying any alcohol duty.


In true Moonraker fashion, break the rules, change the quantities, use different glasses, mix your way. Above all, enjoy. 


The Moonraker Christmas Liqueur Cocktail Collection


The White Horse


There were originally 24 white horses cut into the chalk hills of England with 13 of them in Wiltshire. Now there are only 8 still visible but each one is unique and more than worth the often steep climb to enjoy the views, especially spectacular on a frosty Christmas morning.

The frosty garnish for our White Horse Cocktail provides a nod to these frosty Wiltshire Winter mornings. The vodka adds a swift kick, as strong as the white chalk spirited steed of its namesake.



2 parts Wiltshire Liqueur Christmas Liqueur
1 part caramel syrup (plus extra to rim the glass)
1 ½ parts vodka
Salt for garnish


Begin by rolling the rim of a cocktail glass in a shallow dish of caramel syrup and dribble down the inside of the glass, immediately roll the edge of the glass in salt and place in the freezer to set. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, pour over the vodka, caramel syrup and Christmas Liqueur and shake well. Take the glasses out of the freezer and pour over the contents of the shaker.



The Silbury

Silbury Hill is an ancient and mysterious man-made hill in the heart of Wiltshire. Majestic and imposing, it compares in height and volume to Egyptian pyramids. Although clearly important when constructed around 2400BC its purpose and significance still remain unknown.

The unknown mysteries of what lies beneath the soft green grass on Silbury Hill inspired the unexpected combination in the Silbury cocktail. A creamy Christmas Liqueur acts as a velvet cover for the unique rawness of the agave derived tequila beneath. 



2 parts Wiltshire Liqueur Christmas Liqueur
1 part good quality tequila


Fill an old fashioned glass with ice, and pour over the Christmas Liqueur and tequila.


The Grey Wether

The Grey Wether does not refer to the winter weather but a Wiltshire name for our iconic Sarsen Stones, which from a distance look like a flock of grazing sheep known locally as wethers. The best example of these can be seen at Fyfield Down on the Marlborough Downs.

The Grey Wether cocktail, with its coffee undertones and vodka core would certainly warm the heart before a brisk winter walk through these historic wind-weathered stones.




1 part Wiltshire Liqueur Christmas Liqueur
1 part vodka
1 part cold espresso coffee


Shake all ingredients together and pour into martini glasses. Decorate with coffee beans or other garnish of choice.



Photos by SLR Photography 

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