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Walking in Wiltshire: Nordic Walking with Tiffinie

As a Wiltshire based business, we love walking in our beautiful county.

One of the best ways to enjoy Wiltshire is walking across the rolling hills and drinking in the stunning scenery. Tiffinie, who owns The Wiltshire Liqueur Company is an avid walker who took up Nordic Walking to indulge her passion. We caught up with Tiffinie for a few nuggets about why she loves Nordic walking and her favourite Wiltshire Walks.


When did you discover Nordic Walking? 

I've always been a fan of walking, mainly with our three dogs Pancake, Gurdy and Umba. For years now, I've enjoyed taking the dogs for wild walks on the Wiltshire hills. I've known Ashley, who runs the local Nordic walking group, for a while. I started Nordic Walking in Feb 2019 so that I could get fit to complete the Camino de Santiago.


Tiffinie and Ashley 

What has made you stick with it?

It's a wonderful community of walkers. We are a small team at Wiltshire Liqueurs, all working separately in our own homes, and I sometimes crave a bit of company. Many of my Nordic walking buddies are also business owners, and it's an excellent chance for a natter with likeminded people. 

You also just can't beat the Wiltshire countryside, and I love any excuse to soak it up. When I walk on my own, it's my therapy, time to tune out and enjoy nature. During the lockdown months, this was such an essential part of life. 

One of the other reasons I've stuck with Nordic Walking is the use of walking poles. They help you get a good speed going, especially up the hills. They are also a welcome knee saver on the way down. I am also planning to walk the Camino Primitivo in 2021, which is basically across a mountain range, so I need to keep up my fitness.


Nordic Poles



Would you recommend it, and if so, why?

Without a moment of hesitation, I would recommend it. I went from being a couch potato to a slightly obsessed walker. I take my poles on all holidays now. I couldn't ever get on with running, but Nordic walking, if done correctly, is a whole body work out and great cardiovascular exercise. 



What are your top 3 walks in Wiltshire?


Martinell Hill. Just outside Marlborough, this spot is home to an iconic tree that people tie ribbons to. From there, you can walk to the Giants Grave through a wooded area that must be home to fairies; it's so magical.


Wandsdyke through West Woods and onto Gopher Woods. West Woods have the best display of bluebells, but I missed out on walking there in 2020 due to Covid. The Wandsyke skirts the edge of West Woods, and from there, you walk in Gopher Woods. Being so far away from a road, you rarely meet anyone, and the woods are teeming with wild garlic in the spring. I also love the name of Gopher!


Fyfield Downs, which is home to the largest area of sarsen stones. The walk has stunning views over to West Woods and the Pewsey Vale. It can be a bit of an adrenaline rush when they first let the cows out in the spring.


 Walking in Wiltshire



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