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Feeling Thankful

A chance to reflect on the 2021 festive roadshow season and thank you to everyone who has supported me this year.


So Many People to Thank


As I sit here in front of my laptop, it feels strange not to be out and about at a busy Christmas Fair. But it has been a welcome relief getting out of bed when it's light, rather than at the crack of dawn!

And it's given me a chance to reflect on the 2021 festive roadshow season. It's been a season (and a year) that has left me feeling incredibly thankful to many, many people. So here are a few messages of thanks I would like to pass on.

Merry Christmas, everyone, and thank you to everyone who has supported me this year.

Tiffinie X

Thank you to my fellow stallholders.

I started the season with some trepidation. It's the first season without Christopher, and I wasn't sure I'd be able to manage on my own. I also worried whether customers would still want to shop. But I needn't have worried, the customers came, and boy, were they were eager to shop!

I've always loved the buzz of Christmas Fairs and meeting up with fellow stallholders and organisers. It's a very welcoming and tight community, which was more than evident this year. And after my first fair in October, I realised that I loved being back in the saddle.

Thanks to a welcome socially distanced hug and offer of help and coffee from my fellow stallholders, all my fears evaporated within minutes. So many stallholders and event organisers have become friends, and I really wouldn't have survived with them. In particular, I'd like to thank:

Tutts Clump Cider
Black Mountain Smokery
Fino Olive Oil
Marsdens Fudge
Beaver Pots
Foreman and Dring
Chilcott UK
Marianna London
Lotus Direct     

And to anyone else who kept me sane and topped up with humour and caffeine.

Thank you to my team.

A massive thank you to Julia Nesbitt, who stepped in and ran the stall when I had double booked (whoops!). She worked her magic and had several sell-out fairs.

Julia is also responsible for sending out 99% of all internet orders. Those packages currently whizzing around the country have been lovingly prepared and packed by the ever-cool and calm Julia.

I can't write this without thanking Suzi Davis, who is always busy behind the scenes. She updates the website, plans, and delivers our social media and marketing. And most of all, she keeps me on track with her gentle reminders. Everyone needs a Suzi to organise their lives.

Thank you to my Mum.


I even roped in my Mum this year, and she helped with labelling and packing. And whilst I was away at fairs, she cooked and looked after my dogs. Pancake, Umba and Gurdy (the dogs) are now in a big sulk as I'm not as generous as Mum with the free-flowing treats.

The Biggest Thanks


And of course, enormous thanks to our customers and followers. Without you all, I wouldn't be typing this.

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