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The Grey Wether

The Grey Wether

With coffee undertones and a vodka core, this cocktail is a warming winter treat. Its inspiration comes from the Grey Wethers of Fyfield Down.



Shake all ingredients together and pour into martini glasses.

It’s Not About the Weather

It’s Not About the Weather

A Grey Wether is the Wiltshire name for our iconic Sarsen Stones, not to be confused with an example of dreary winter weather. They earned their name because from a distance, they look like a flock of grazing sheep, known locally as wethers.

Since the Neolithic period, man has used Sarsen Stones for buildings and to form well-known landmarks such as Stonehenge and Avebury Circle. You can see the best example of unchanged Sarsen Stones at Fyfield Down, home to hundreds of these Wiltshire wonders.

Moonraker Cocktails

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