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The Sarum

The Sarum

This fruity orange liqueur and marmalade cocktail is laden with the juice of blood oranges.

Our blood oranges, which originate from Italy, are a nod to the Roman legacy seen at Old Sarum, the original site of modern-day Salisbury.



Put all ingredients into an ice filled cocktail shaker, shake well and strain into a martini glass garnished with a spiral of orange peel.

From Old to New Sarum

From Old to New Sarum

Now deserted, Old Sarum was a stronghold occupied by Romans, Saxons and Normans, all keen to use its vantage point against marauding interlopers.

Following a dispute to relocate the Norman Cathedral, the church built New Sarum in the early 13th century, which later became known as the Salisbury of today.

Sadly, Old Sarum dwindled as builders dismantled it for materials for the new town. But today, it's a beautiful spot to learn a little more about the history of Salisbury and its iconic cathedral.

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